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"Danielle and her staff are such a pleasure. I decided to start PT after a running injury that I just could not shake — pain in my left hip and knee that was getting worse even with rest. After several weeks working with Danielle, I’m feeling (and running) better than I have been in months!"
Feb 22, 2024
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"I love my aquatic therapy. Learning to relax while developing the strength to promote healing. Preventing surgeries are the goals of Danielle's therapy for me."
Dec 21, 2023
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"I started PT with Danielle in July of this year. Due to Osteoporosis in my left knee I was in severe pain. The pain effected my entire left leg and lower back. I couldn't sit, stand or walk for long periods of time. This impacted my quality of life. It was depressing and I was miserable. Thanks to Danielle's patience and expertise I am pain free and walking without the use of a cane. She far exceeded my expectations and for this I am grateful"
Nov 13, 2023
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Aug 09, 2023
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"Before undergoing Physical Therapy with Danielle, I was really struggling with rheumatoid arthritis and experienced a lot of pain and difficulty walking, ascending and descending steps, and standing for long periods of time. I also had a lot of difficulty sitting and standing up from basically all types of chairs that were not extra tall because those are rare and I am tall. After a few months or so of therapy, I am able to walk every day, sometimes two times a day. I have loss 20 lbs and have not felt this great in years! I am following Danielle’s at home plan of stretching and following recommendations provided. My quality of life has improved significantly! Thank you Danielle! T. Davis"
Jul 23, 2023
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"I really thought my knee pain would never go away. I can't believe it really did go away. Thank you to Danielle - she really cares about all of her clients and helped me with several issues. I recommend her highly!"
Jul 17, 2023
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"Danielle was great! I had injured my shoulder and it was freezing up and limiting my range of motion as well as affecting my sleep. Danielle worked on my shoulder and gave me exercises for homework. In a short time, I was able to sleep well. After a month or so my range of motion is back to normal!! Thanks Danielle!"
Jul 14, 2023
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"Best aqua & land physical therapy practice in the greater Baltimore area. I currently am a patron and “hands down” thee best Aqua Therapy I have experienced in my 20+ years of needing same. From appointment scheduling to actual therapy they are friendly, very knowledgeable and adept in their quality of therapeutic services. I would 110% recommend them. Hands down, they offer the best Aqua Therapy and land PT west of the Atlantic Ocean !!"
Jun 12, 2023
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"I love it here Danielle is so personable and warm. It’s like a family atmosphere. My physical Improvement is so much better by coming here. January was the surgery. Complete tear of rotator cuff. Now February a month later. I’m loving my progress."
Feb 24, 2023
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"Wonderful place to go after surgery! I'm currently in therapy and couldn't have picked a better place! I would highly recommend"
Feb 24, 2023
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Feb 14, 2023
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"I had a total knee replacement on October 25th. I had PT with Danielle prior to surgery to make sure my knee was strong going into surgery. I did both land and aquatic PT. She was so kind and yet pushed me to make sure that I was ready. I started back to PT 2 days after surgery. She taught me so much about how to move, sit and stand so that I was more comfortable post-surgery. Then the work began, bending and straightening the knee, strengthening my calf and quad. Showing me how to keep the scar tissue down. Danielle is amazing! I would recommend her for any injury or surgery recovery. I was walking without a cane in the first three weeks after surgery. I am so grateful!"
Feb 13, 2023
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"I came here in a wheelchair and not even 2 months later I am walking without any aid. Danielle is extremely good at what she does, while still being able to create strong relationships with her patients. The office is nice, clean, and open. I wouldn’t want to go to any other physical therapy office."
Oct 04, 2022
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"Hi I am AJ, I have been going to baltimore aquatics rehab for nearly 5 months for a torn Achilles tendon and the staff have been nothing short of amazing. They are highly knowledgeable and professional, I have had a speedy recovery as a result of their specifically designed program. I am so happy. "
Sep 28, 2022
"Hello I am Kenneth when I came for physical Therapy I was in bad shape and I really did need help And Danielle really did help me where I did not need any more pain shots in my hip I also need help with my balance and I also was having with muscle spasm in my hip so bad it was very hard for me to walk any were and I really did not get very much sleep at night. because of Danielle good help I can now get in and out of my car and put my clothes on much easier and now get in and out of the bathtub also much easier as well and I now can go up and down the stairs mush easier, All I can say to Danielle is to just keep up your good work you really did help me so much all I can say is thank you Danielle "
Sep 25, 2022
"Danielle and her team are excellent. She is a good listener and always creative with her exercise routines. I saw her for knee pain and elbow pain and she took a detailed history and worked closely with me to get be back on my feet."
Aug 11, 2022
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In a very short time, 4-5 week of therapy, my shoulder improved. I experienced a hands-on personal approach that included massage, stretching, range of motion, individual exercises, taping, stimulation, and ice. The therapists are excellent!!

– Pam T.

Of all the 35+ years of treatment received from many different therapists in 4 states, Ron is without doubt the BEST therapist. He is attentive, patient, very knowledgeable, compassionate, encouraging and thorough.

– Robert E.

Immediate relief after my first visit. periods of relief are growing longer after only a few visits. couldn't be more pleased. But the best part is the laughing smiling atmosphere - everyone is so friendly and easy going.

– Erin H.