We have moved from our old location of Cockeysville to Towson.

Ron Herbst, MPT, MTC

Baltimore Physical Aquatic & Sports Therapy is very proud to introduce Ron Herbst, MPT, MTC, to its clinical team. With over a quarter century of experience in outpatient orthopedics, Ron loves working with patients of all ages and all backgrounds to help them manage and overcome their dysfunction. Ron’s following of patients continued to return to him over the years with their Physical Therapy needs because of his skill set, his patience with each patient, and his ability to get them to their stated goals. Over the years, Ron has developed a vast array of treatment techniques to help him work with his patients including:

  • Joint mobilization with a manual certification from Paris in St. Augustine Florida, 2000
  • Mulligan mobilization with movement
  • Strain/Counterstrain
  • Muscle Energy Techniques
  • Back to Golf advanced certification
  • Certified Blood Flow Restriction Specialist
  • Sports Medicine Certification from Physiotherapy Associates
  • Certified Kinesiotape Specialist
  • Studies in McKenzie technique; Vestibular rehabilitation with specialty in BAPS; Maitland joint mobilization; Dry Needling (not certified),
  • John Barne’s Myofascial Release
  • Aquatics Therapy and many more...
Management and Business

Along with this extensive clinical experience, he also has a significant array of management experience. Ron owned his own physical therapy practice and has been treating in the Towson area for most of his career. As the former Director of Outpatient Rehabilitation at John Hopkin’s main campus department, he brings this management and business experience to help Baltimore PT become the newest, best, and fastest growing PT practice in the area.

Sports Rehabilitation and Enhancement

Sports Rehabilitation and Enhancement is also a specialty and passion for Ron. He has extensive experience working with high school, college, and professional sports athletes. When it comes to working on the Baltimore Orioles, Baltimore Blasts, and Tour players from the Champion PGA and LPGA, Professional European Basketball players, he understands what it takes to compete and excel at a professional level. College athletes from most of the local Maryland universities, such as Towson University, JHU, and Goucher, he has rehabilitated many athletes back to their former levels. He really enjoys working with high school elite club players such as M&D girl’s lacrosse or Raiders baseball club and he always takes the same approach. That approach is a full and thorough evaluation of not only the injured area but a whole body check for flexibility, strength, and coordination. This allows him to plan a full body individualized plan for each and every athlete and every patient.

Ron’s Philosophy

“I treat every person the same, whether they play on the PGA tour or are an 85-year-old who plays chess. I treat them as I would want a member of my family treated. I oversee and make sure this not only occurs with me clinically but with every aspect of their experience with our company”.

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